Men Need Men (2019)

A documentary about men's groups

Men Need Men is a 2019 documentary about men's groups that come together to talk about personal subjects.

Seven interviewees provide a 'behind the scenes' look into how men's groups operate, and why men find understanding and comradeship within this type of forum.

With views from the East and West, from the young and old, we learn how members come to trust one another and speak without the fear of being shamed, as they confess and confront, validate and support.

In particular, the documentary looks at how men's groups affect love relationships. The interviewees report gaining clarity and stability and not needing as much assurance from their partners.

Specific attention also goes to conflict. As men feel safe expressing anger unapologetically, they process forgotten wounds and thereby find acceptance and kindness.

Interviewees: Andreas Aubert, Bob Munro, John Ince, Mark Brunke, Dr. Stephen Johnson, Sujith Ravindran, Terry Martyniuk

Narrator: Joseph Culp
Interviewers: Chay Beriault & Tristan Laurillard
Director & editor: Tristan Laurillard

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